08 January 2013


Pagan Blog Project - Week Two - A #2 - my introduction

As a way to punish reward myself as I begin my second semester of graduate school, I've decided to attempt the Pagan Blog Project this year. Though I've done a lot of blogging in my life, I've never really had a Pagan blog before, not really. And this isn't officially a Pagan Blog, but I'm a Pagan and this is my blog, so I guess it will have to do. Many of my friends have worked with the Pagan Blog Project in the past, so thanks goes out to them for the inspiration and example.

I'll be trying to update every Friday, a new topic each week, as I work through the alphabet and Pagan-related topics. Considering that this blog has sat pretty much untouched since last fall, it seems like a worthy attempt and like it won't really hurt anything. The least that can happen is that this blog continues to sit, unused and only slightly loved. The most that can happen is that the Pagan Blog Project keeps me writing, which is always a good thing.

In the meantime, it's 2013! What projects are you working on? What projects are you avoiding? What projects have you dropped, and which ones do you want to pick up? 

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