19 February 2013

Staying Power

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I didn't post for the first day of D for the Pagan Blog Project. I have an outline and everything. But you know what? I just wasn't feeling it. Hopefully I'll resume my groove this Friday.

I'm trying very hard to not be too hard on myself. I struggle with focusing on my homework, getting behind, doing well, feeling guilty when I'm not working, and not getting anything done when I do work. I'm trying to get better about giving myself permission to take it easy sometime, rather than taking it easy out of desperateness and feeling guilty the whole time. I just gotta keep on keeping on, keep things in perspective, do the best that I can, and be okay with knowing that I can't be 100% perfect all the time. You know what? I don't think anyone expects that of me, anyway.

Or maybe I'm totally lying to myself...

So what have I been occupying myself with?

I drove in the snow on Saturday.

I took a nap on Saturday.

I went to an art reception for my good dear friend on Sunday.

I went to a Pagan study group last Wednesday.

I'll be going to a Pagan discussion group this Wednesday, as well as a Goddess ritual on Friday.

I went to a concert a few weeks ago.

I spent all day Friday at the Federal Prison.
I read Choke by Chuck Palahniuk on Sunday and Monday.

I read this great column post by my good dear friend about engaging in a multi-faith relationship.

I wrote my part of a literature review for an paper on child sexual abuse and sports.

I watched the movie Powwow  Highway and now I want to do anything I can to get back to Montana.

I tutored two little girls last night on math, fractions, reflective pronouns, antecedents, and food webs. One of them decided that I get to be a flower fairy.

I celebrated Imbolc this month and also participated in my first ever Druid ritual.

I have a new favorite song, which is just a remix of an old favorite song.

And today? Who knows what shenanigans I'll get myself into.

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