19 September 2012

More of That Jazz

My poor blog is neglected because I'm starting to finally feel like a graduate student (or at last, what I think graduate students are supposed to feel like...). Just so this space doesn't start to get dusty, here is a little update.

1 - I got an article accepted! I'm so excited! It won't be published for a while, but the article was a lot of fun for me to write, and it's nice to think about seeing my name in print again. (Like, physical ink print rather than e-print.)

2 - Speaking of e-print, I've been coerced to help out with the social work program's newsletter. Totally an easy project... but when am I going to find time?

3 - Time. I don't have enough of it. Who is going to extend the day by a few hours for me?

4 - Also, I finally downloaded the album Time by the Electric Light Orchestra. My life is exponentially better now.

5 - I realized last night that we're in the middle (middle!) of September, and October is almost here. I literally said "yay!" in the car about three dozen times. I think Steve was worried about me.

6 - Because autumn is officially here (well, as of this weekend, officially. Happy early Mabon!) I'm retiring my spring cd and putting together an autumnal playlist. If you have any musical suggestions that remind you of the perfect October evening, please leave a comment!

7 - So far I've run into a coffee shop customer at church, church congregants at coffee shops, and every other option in between. I'm quickly realizing how small this town is (like I needed reminding) but that I also need to be on my best behavior everywhere I go. So, if you see me with a nose ring, speeding on Erwin road, giving your poor grandma the bird, I'm terribly sorry.

8 - Pagan Pride Day was this past weekend. I was feeling a bit down emotionally and energetically, but I had a few surprise hugs from a few lovely people, and I ended up buying some really great tools and goodies, including a crystal ball and a selenite wand. Happy pride, Pagans!

I'm sleepy and I have a super busy week ahead of me, so I'm going to bed thinking about Ticket to the Moon and listening to the rain. Until next time, kids!

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