27 August 2012

We Are the Champions

My wonderful dear good friend V over at Aoibheal's Lair awarded me with the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award." What a super sweet and pleasant surprise and honor! And what a perfect distraction while I freak out about all the stuff I should be doing right now, eh?

So, here is how this works: display the award certificate on your blog. Then, create a post annoucing the award and link back to whoever nominated you. Present seven other deserving bloggers with the award. Link their blogs to your post and drop by and leave them each a comment about their nomination.

But, unfortunately, I don't follow many blogs, so I'm only going to dominate one person until I can figure out others to tag. So, J over at Displaced Yankee In NC is nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

 But, do be fair, J is super inspiring to me. We have a ton in common, but for every one thing we have in common, we have ten that are different! What inspires me the most about J is that she's a writer and she took leap of faith to follow her dream. She's making it happen! What a super star! So be sure to check out her upcoming book, The Burning of Isobel Key.

Now, I have to post "seven interesting things" about myself, so check them out after the jump!

1 - Speaking of writing! I'm a writer. I wrote my first short story in 4th grade, which the teacher told me was too long. I thought, "wow, I love this!" and I haven't stopped writing since. I have notebooks and file cabinets full of projects, and thousands of pages of computer documents. I've written everything, from newspaper and magazine articles, to PR statements, to adverts, novels, poetry (not so much), fiction, prose. Everything. I've been published more times than I can count, but not with my fiction.

2 - I'm a bone fide ordained minister. I'm not just talking about getting my internet ordination so I can call myself Rev. and do weddings. I have a bishop and a church and peers and I was ordained in a ceremony that was a life changing moment for me. Being a minister is something I'm incredibly proud of and it is one of the most important things in my life.

3 - I'm also also a priestess! Like being a minister, this is one of the most important things in my life. Being a minister and a priestess mean a life of service and devotion, to both God/dess and my community. They go hand in hand and to me, I can't really separate one from the other. Again, I underwent years of training and an initiation that was a pivotal moment in my life and identity.

4 - Four is my favorite number. I was born on 4/4/84, growing up I had four sisters, there are four elements, and four is beyond just balance, and approaching a level of completion.

5 - I'm already having problems coming up with things! I have flat feet. Actually, I have hobbit feet. My feet are almost totally flat, not to the point where I've needed surgery, but I have some problems with walking. I'm clumsy. My feet get sore easily. I have knee problems because my knee caps grew in wrong. I had physical therapy growing up, and when I ride bikes I have to twist my legs a certain way to alleviate the pressure and strain. Walking up hills and stairs makes my knees swell, and I always have to buy super giant shoes that are actually too long for my feet, but if I don't buy big sizes my feet are too wide to fit in.

6 - I once bottle fed a kitten. My cat C-Chan was a rescue, and she was too small to live on her own. Her abusive previous owner was a pet hoarder, and was feeding the poor little thing ramen noodles. Terrible! So we rescued her after the pet hoarder abandoned dozens of animals. She was so scared and small and dying! So, I took her, gave her a bath, swaddled her up, and  bottle fed her. Over ten years later, she's still my little pretty girl!

7 - Steve and I have a personal library. I don't just have a lot of books. Most of what I own is books. Books mean the world to me, literally, because they were my source of comfort growing up. (without getting into that too heavily...) We buy books everywhere - book stores, used book stores, thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets, etc. Sure, libraries are great and I fully support libraries because when I was young and poor, that's where I spent all of my time. But right now, books are a priority. I like to have books on hand for me to reference. I also like to have books to give to people if I say "oh, you'd like this" so I can just hand it over. I also heavily annotate and write in my books, and I could never do that to a library book!

At one point I actually had read most of the books I owned, but right now I cannot say the same. I remember being at a friend's house once, and her dad as a writer and historian. Every wall in their house was literally a book shelf, and it was a feast to the eyes! My friend would tease me that I wouldn't pay attention to anything because I was too busy ogling her books.

And that's it! Seven random and not-so-random things about me! Thanks so much for the award, V! You're a darling!

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