31 July 2012

Brave! not Scottish Mulan

I made Steve take me to go see Brave today, and we both liked it well enough. I don't really care for Disney movies anymore. The last one I remember liking was Finding Nemo, I think. Anyway, I wanted to see Brave because the main character, Merida, looked interesting enough, I had no idea what the story was about, and I needed something to do this afternoon.

Brave is not Scottish Mulan, even though she does shoot a bow and arrow and can fight. Actually, I thought the previews didn't reveal much about the story. I had no idea it was a mother/daughter story. What a surprise! A fairy tale where the mom wasn't dead or evil! 

While the plot revolves hugely around the institution of marriage like many Disney films, it didn't bother me. Too much. When she says she wants to follow her heart, her male suitors say the same! "But we didn't choose her, either!"

And while we're on the subject, check out my author friend's blog! Her review of Brave is much nicer than mine, but then again, she's much more likeable than I am!

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  1. we LOVE it here in NM. and it threw me when i found it was a mother daughter story. loved the little brothers reminded me of a couple of little imps i called brothers as a child. overall i loved it. magical and jorja didnt get up once during the movie and sat tranfixed on it. which is very unusual for her. mutti